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Holiday Recathon 2010 
06:55pm 08/11/2010

12 Fandoms, 12 Days

The Holiday Recathon is a fun and fabulous event. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the fandoms for reccing this year.

Rec Your Favorite Fics Here
Joss Comms 
06:48am 01/08/2010

a last author standing community --- fanfiction at its best!


You've found yourself at a high school for the paranormal. Through a spell cast by an unknown person, all characters were made to regress in age to their teen ages, age forward into an adult or some who were very lucky, stayed the same. It's all confusion, mischief and mayhem trying to come to terms with the changes. Plus, they were all transported to this school in the middle of nowhere! Sound fun? Wanna join in? Help your favorite characters try to sort through their confusion and mess? Find out who cast the spell and why? Why some people were made teenagers, yet others stayed the same and yet others aged? Then join us! This is open to all paranormal natured fandoms in both TV and Movies.
Don't Kill Spike Club Website 
10:18pm 15/05/2009
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Fanfiction Archive and Streaming Video Archive @ COH 
02:51am 03/02/2009
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Hey all! I've come to poke at all the fan video content creators and fanfiction authors to come and help COH (cityofhellville.com) out of it's update slump! There are new STREAMING VIDEO and FANFICTION archive scripts up, but they're really bare at the moment so I'm out actively searching for authors who would be gracious enough to donate some of their work to help us kick off the new sections in style!

Unfortunately, the last fanfiction archive's databases were corrupted in the move to the new, more stable server (ad-supported, but the ads aren't too bad!) and all but three fics were entirely unreadable. Because of that we've decided to start fresh and hope to draw in a new generation of Spike/Faith fans by treating the genre as if Buffy and Angel were still on the air by updating with fresh content as regularly as possible!

We're also looking for staff. Basically, we need a few more people who are familiar with Wordpress and willing to post news (comics, fandom, Jams & Eliza's projects, etc.), to make media (icons, wallpaper, winamp skins, fanfiction, videos, anything really.) or to scout media makers so we can manhandle them into letting us use their work, lol. There are also staff positions open at Eliza Dushku Media (elizamedia.org/elizadushku.biz) and Buffy Summers Fan (buffy-summers.com), as well as Faith Lehane Online (faith-online.com) so soon as I can get the blasted thing reformatted!

If you're just interested in adding fanfiction, you may do so at The Basement. If you'd like to donate video content to Desolation Angels, email your submission to me, subject line "Spaith Video", with your video in either a zip file or a youtube link. Please include the following:

1. Your Name
2. Your Email
3. Your Url (if applicable)
4. Video link (zip file containing video or youtube link)
5. Video Name
6. Song Title and Artist (if applicable)
7. Any extra information you'd like to see along side your credit.

As always, we're still taking submissions for other media (fanart, icons, wallpaper) - all donations are credited to their creators. Thanks so much for your time, everyone! :)
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Fic: More or Less 39 (Crazy Buffy) Spike/Faith, Connor, Willow/Ken 
08:15pm 09/09/2008
Title: More or Less- “Methods”
Rating: R (for horror)
Author: Strange Bint
Pairings: Spike/Faith, Giles/Olivia, Giles/Other
Summary: Chapter on long standing Spike/Faith & Connor Centered Spin-off. Now with Buffy back in the ‘verse, but of course she had to come back and have words of trouble and Giles has to help her with it if he can. (Ripper pasts mentioned)
Note: More Willow/Kennedy, Faith/Spike and Buffy coming soon.
Link to Current Chapter: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1686502/39/The_Forget_Me_Not_Series
Link to Facts about this Fic:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4391445/1/Basic_Facts_About_FGMNMore_or_Less_FaithFic
Link to You-Tube Opening Credits: http://youtube.com/watch?v=VIUqUeCbBBk
More or Less-- Method
It was all horrid. Giles's life was in shambles. He most likely had a son that was now dead. Giles had known Reginald all his life but never thought he could be his son. Perhaps he had suspected once, but not for thirty years. Now Giles could not help but think he had been a terrible father to him. He had given him Pink Floyd records and sent him American footballs and patted himself on the back thinking he was something of a good uncle-type. Yet, that wasn’t what sickened Giles. Sometimes Giles wished Reginald had been visibly part demon. He usually wished that before his eyes shut with exhaustion. Reg was most likely conceived out of an orgy with a chaos demon during some unfortunate times in the 1970s and if the boy had showed signs of being part demon Giles would know he had not just lost a son. Giles was sickened by the selfish ridiculous thought of his, but still this paled in comparison to his self-loathing as he lay over the restless body of the amazing grown child he had tried to be a father to. It was almost comically tragic that Buffy and Reginald had been lovers; Giles had only thought they would enjoy knowing each other, being the same age and having common interests...Perhaps he had hoped something would happen between them. He honestly couldn’t remember. It seemed an inappropriate circumstance to have ever hoped for now, and that wasn’t because a god-witch had killed Reg and put this death spell on Buffy. It simply seemed wrong to have wished Buffy to couple with anyone as she looked more child-like to him now then the first time he had ever seen her; with her round teenaged face, and fashioned crooked ponytail, blowing bubbles with bubble gum, saying she didn’t care. If only he could have left her to that. If only she could have continued being that brat. If only he could have left right then and not discovered only hours later how she may’ve been a brat but she was also kind and resourceful. Then she would not lay here like this, her eyes round and wide with the sea greenish blue pupils dulling with pain and fear, her no longer round face looking gaunt, her body looking frail—a child of almost 25.
“It’s all my fault,” Buffy whispered to the ghosts inside her head, her demons, whatever the god-witch had put upon her to kill her.
“Stop this, Buffy,” Olivia said gently as she was drying Buffy’s golden hair that she had insisted on washing.
“I never should have been born,” Buffy continued to no one.
Giles let out his breath with pained relief as Buffy was again silent. She said few things, but Giles realized whenever she spoke it was usually two lines and then no more for hours. He wouldn’t have to hear her audibly suffer for a while now. He relished the silence. Until Olivia broke it.
“Buffy, don’t you—“ Olivia began sternly as Giles’s could see furious darker lines grove into her normally smooth dark oak forehead.
“Olivia!” Giles barked at his girlfriend, “For the last time, she cannot hear you. Neither shouting at her nor fussing over her is going to get you what you want. She’s not your bloody doll!”
Giles grabbed the brush out of Olivia’s hand and felt satisfied when it hit the wall and dropped with a loud echo. Olivia rose from Buffy’s bed-side, her lips trembling. Giles was so relieved when he realized she was trembling out of anger and not despair that he could have pulled her in for a rough kiss, but Buffy still was here, even if she wasn’t.
“And she’s not your bloody Slayer!” Olivia shouted, “You told me you left that place, that bloody ivory tower of Watchers, because you’d never sit by with resolve as she died, and that’s just what you’re doin—“
“Don’t talk to me about things you know nothing about. I should have left you the minute I saw on Whitworth street-- a brainless Hacienda groupie who spend more time on her hair then she did lying to me about how old she was.“
Giles heard his voice come out quietly, but fiercely as he did pull his girlfriend to him now, but he was no longer thinking of sex, merely of how stupid she was.
“You did leave, Ripper,” Olivia said as she pulled away from him, but never stopped matching his glare, “You left for a long time and then you came back and while I may’ve gained some brains I never stopped caring about the importance of caring for hair. I know Buffy hasn’t either and when she wakes up she’ll be happy it’s been well kept. You might as well leave us both again if blustering is all you’re going to do.”
Giles knew Olivia would stay here with Buffy whether he became the grand hero or ran off like some boiling hot-headed git. He knew also Olivia would keep caring for Buffy’s appearance even if he threatened her with death. He had thought his devotion to Buffy would be the death of he and Olivia’s rekindling. When would he stop underestimating fashionable women?
“I’m doing all I can, ‘Liv,” he said as her heard the softness of his voice it made his throat want to close and he remembered why being a hot-headed git had seemed a good idea.
He’d rather truly become the fool he had been again when he had been raging through Manchester than to experience what he was going through now. It wasn’t just his worse fear-- Buffy dying. He could laugh at himself for thinking he had gone through such pain to experience her death before. Now he had to watch her die, painfully, slowly and yet still with no awareness so she could find her resolve and come to acceptance as she had before. He longed for the time she simply jumped in knowing what lay before her—a hero’s death. Instead of this. It had to be anything but this. He had to do something. If only he could twist some bones or go through torture, but this was all he could do. Pulling out all the players carefully like a tired old coach coming out of retirement. He longed for the voice of Buffy or Xander or—hell—even Spike to throw in a ‘Rocky’ joke.
“If you’re doing all you can then where’s your witch? Where’s your vampire?” Olivia demanded softly as she held his face, “Charlotte said they are the only chance Buffy has--”
“They’re coming,” Giles said and he had to pull away from her, “I told Willow we needed her here and she’ll tell the vamp—“
“Then where is she? You didn’t tell her everything. I heard you. You really told her nothing. She thinks she’s coming here to—“
“You don’t know Willow, and the way I speak to her isn’t any of your—“
“I didn’t have much chance to speak to the girl --no; I only know how much time you spent with her to get her out of some darkness after she tried to end the world. If you don’t trust her how--”
“It has nothing to do with that. I completely trust Willow. I trust her all too well. That’s the problem,” Giles smiled bitterly as he found his glasses on the desk and put them on, “Willow used to be-- You really never saw a girl so eager to learn and so pure, so naïve. Now, now she’s a bit older and far more battle scarred, far more powerful. But sometimes power isn't enough. Sometimes it's dangerous, even with the purest of intentions. It can be especially dangerous when mixed with pure emotion. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for Buffy as Buffy would do anything for her—and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for either of them, which includes making sure that Willow does not enter into battle with this spell and Buffy’s psyche impulsively fraught with emotion.”
“That would kill them both,” Olivia confirmed this more to herself, “But, she has no idea how dire the situation is and the sooner she arrives here-
“It’s only safe for her to teleport across the world when the temporal planes are in alignment regardless as to whether she knows about the danger Buffy is facing, and what she’ll chose to face. It might comfort you to know that she’ll be here four hours earlier than if she took a plane, not to mention she can bring him with her.”
“Him, you mean the vampire. Have you spoke to him? He’s off with that doxy, ‘Faith’ is it? Bloody ironic name for a girl who tried to kill Buffy. What if she--“
“Faith is on our side and so is—so is the vampire.”
“But you don’t trust him, do you? It’s blindingly obvious from your face. Doesn’t he need to be closer than anyone to Buffy for this bloody spell to work?”
“Closer to her darkness; closer to her. I suppose they go hand in hand,” Charlotte said entering the bedroom of her dead son with a decanter of incense.
She glanced at Giles as she moved around Buffy's bed. He glanced back at Charlotte in her mint green flowing blouse and long skirt. She looked as a Mother-Earth/academic/powerful middle-aged witch should as she waived the decanter around the bed where Buffy lay. They had to leave her in Reginald’s bed as it wasn’t safe to bring her out of the dwelling of the spell that bound her psyche. The incense looked like a ridiculous new-age ritual, but Giles new that it was a very powerful spell that was keeping Buffy from feeling any physical pain. He welcomed Charlotte’s intrusion, not only for her spell, but for her mere presence of being a living breathing person that would interrupt whatever dance he and Olivia were doing.
“Well, what if he’s forgotten about Buffy now due to that—Faith,” Olivia flustered as she struggle to not insult a girl she had never met.
She demanded to know this from Charlotte, who was now a woman few people dared demand this from. Olivia looked as fiery and engaged as Charlotte did distant now. Giles became aware of the age difference between him and Olivia again. He almost wanted to smile at it.
“He seems too bloody fickle if you ask me. I don’t think he’s good enough. There has to be someone else that knows Buffy like this. I know you said that the only way he could possibly survive the spell was because he is not human, but there has to be someone else that--”
“Actually--” Giles began.
“He’ll come,” Charlotte said with resolve of the vampire she never met.
“How do you know? Did you put a spell on him?” Olivia asked.
Giles had to consciously make sure he did not share a glance with Charlotte on his girlfriend's naivety of witchcraft.
“I know because I know what it’s like to know someone’s darkness and their light and if you have any kind of a soul in your being you can’t deny that person when they ask for help. The vampire will come, and as torn as he may be he won’t be reluctant,” the witch said as she smiled at Olivia briefly as then looked at Giles with distant grief and then turned away and left the room.
“She’s not always that abrupt. She’s just grieving Reg,” Giles told Olivia.
“Poor Buffy, I think she was falling in love with him. Poor, Reg,” Olivia sighed, “I don’t care if she’s abrupt, Rip. I care if she’s right. You do think she’s right. He will come?”
“It was never Spike’s attendance I worried about. It was his methods.
TBC….very soon…(Not only did Spike and Willow hide the fact that Buffy’s been back in this world, but now they’re being asked to risk themselves to save her. Some people react to this news better than others. How far away has Spike moved from Buffy? Can she be saved? What the heck is a god-witch anyway?)
OMG! A "More or Less" Fic Update! 
08:01am 17/02/2008

More or Less: Let Go

Link to Chapter:
Link to Entire Fic:


Rating: R

Pairings: Buffy/other, Giles/other

Summary: (A Buffy in England Chapter) Buffy thinks about returning to Sunnydale or having a future in England. Giles is confronted with his past, present and future. What’s it like to be a Slayer and a woman? What’s it like to be Giles as a Watcher and an old man?

Notes: This is a chapter of a very long series. (See Links above &below) Buffy had to jump dimensions to avoid The First. Buffy inexplicably returned to this dimension and feeling dazed went to stay with Giles in England and only told Spike and Willow of her return. Faith and Spike continue to guard the Sunnydale Hellmouth. This chapter features Buffy's life in England as she struggles to find her purpose in a world she has been thrust back into…again.

Warnings: Sex, Het, Giles orgy talk, horror, dark magic(k), Ripper moment

**Faith, Spike, Connor, Angel, Willow, Kennedy and Dawn may not be in this one chap, but they are a key part of the whole story so this is posted to all interested communities. 

Link to Chapter:

Links to Entire Fic:


Holiday Faith Fic a Thon!! 
06:44pm 10/12/2007
  Please all join The Faith-Holiday-Fic-a-thon crappy_gifts . It’s a Holiday based Faith Lehane Fic-a-thon and More! So, we know our little (or better yet big grown-up) hot-bad-ass likes Christmas. She hung the lights in her dingy motel room, bought Buffy and Joyce "crappy" gifts, and stayed with Joyce on Christmas night while Buffy left her alone (that bitch!) So, I want to do a quick holiday, Christmas, Chanukah/Hanukah, Kwanza, New Year’s Eve fic-a-thon for her. I'm sure she'd take any holiday she could get because, hey, a high-school-drop-out, ex-con, child of an alcoholic, Slayer can't be picky. So, here this goes...Or tries to. I've never run a community or fic-a-thon in my life. So, I'm just having a give-it-a-try-theme. Rules are very easy. All ‘ships welcome. You can also post old holiday fics, just request, or discuss.  
12:43pm 11/07/2007
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More at LolBuffy!
Community Pimp! 
10:09pm 06/07/2007
  sub_slayer is a community for ANY fic, artwork, vid or commentary in which Buffy or Faith are submissive/enslaved/etc., by Spike or Angel (or both). You may post consensual submissive/kinky works, and you may post noncon works. You can post works where Buffy or Faith pretend to be a slave and works where she actually is one. You can post works where the slayer is a prisoner, abused, whatever, as long as the vampire(s) she is with DOMINATE her and she SUBMITS. That's the only official requirement here. She doesn't HAVE to call him/them master necessarily. She doesn't HAVE to be whipped and chained (though it's nice if she is) etc. Simply they have to have the power and control and she DOESN'T whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Challenges are currently posted for both fic and art, so head on over and join the community and get those entries in!  
Fic: More or Less 
05:52pm 14/04/2007
  Title: More or Less- “I Know You”

Link to Chapter: http://archive.shriftweb.org/archive/36/moreor.html

Link to Previous Chapter: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1686502/34/

Site: StrangeBint.com

Author: Strange Bint

Rating: R

Pairing: Spike/Faith

Summary: Still riding the high that Spike is saved from his coma Faith wants to play one least game before they get back to work. But players have shifted.

Notes: There it is. Just a month late. The next one should be out sooner with a Spike/Dru flash-back. More Buffy Summers soon too. Oh, and soon I’ll be redoing my site and there will be CREDITS for “More or Less!” Send me all your comments and stuff.
Fanfic.net isn’t posting, so I posted on BFA. I’m going to update the site soon. And there will be credits by J-dos!
Update on Faith/Spike fic, Rated M- More or Less "Possession" 
09:51pm 05/02/2007
  Update on Faith/Spike fic, Rated M- More or Less "Possession"

Chapter link: Chapter link:

Title: More or Less— Possession

Author: Strange Bint

Rating: R

Summary: Spike has his head back; Faith has his body. One Slayer has dreams while another is about to have a nightmare.

Pairings: Spike/Faith

Characters (in this chapter): Faith, Spike, withheld

Warnings/ Preferences: Het Sex, hurt/comfort, Horror, creepy black magic

Notes: Post Chosen – Alternate reality Angel Season 5: Long Series.
Season 1:

Season 2:

Author Site: strangebint.com:
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Fic: More or Less 15, Spike/Faith Ensemble 
09:53pm 04/09/2006
  Title: More or Less: A huge Spike/Faith, Connor Ensemble Post Chosen AR “Angel Season 5” fic
Author: Strange bint
Email: strangelilgrrl75@aol.com
Show: Angel, Buffy
Rating: PG-13
Category: Action/Adventure, Character Study, Drama, Romance, Series
Warnings: het, language, violence
Characters: Connor, Dawn, Faith, Other
Pairings: Connor/Dawn, Faith/Spike
Faith/Spike, Connor/Dawn, (Sahjahn, Magic vs. Science, fate, destiny, evil plans, magic, power)

Latest Chapter Summary: Spike still lies in a coma at the Wolfram and Hart Hospital. While Connor and Dawn debate what led Spike to this fate, Faith has plans to end it. Meanwhile, others debate and plan for Faith's fate.
(Sahjahn, Magic vs. Science, fate, destiny, evil plans, magic, power)

Season 1: http://www.strangebint.com/forgetchapters.html

Season 2:

Chapter 15:
Fic: More or Less 13, Willow/K Chapter: Spike/Faith Ensemble 
01:13am 25/08/2006
  It's a short one, but more is coming VERY soon:


Title: More or Less-- Love is Like Falling
Author: Strange bint
Email: strangelilgrrl75@aol.com
Show: Angel, Buffy
Rating: R
Category: Character Study, Drama, Romance, Series
Warnings: slash, language, h/c, BDSM
Characters: Kennedy, Willow
Pairings: Kennedy/Willow, F/F
Summary: Post Chosen/ Alternate Angel season 5
Chapter Summary: Willow is depressed after the mind-walk spell with Spike and Faith failed to save Spike. Kennedy tries to rouse her girl out of her depression and both of them get a little more than they bargained for.
Author Notes: This is part of a huge series but can be read as a stand-alone.
Story Notes: Find all Chapters Here:
Author's Website: http://strangebint.com

This story is also available on the web at: http://archive.shriftweb.org/archive/35/moreor2.html

New Community! 
01:49am 05/06/2006
COME JOIN btvshate!


btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate
btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate
btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate
Community Pimp 
04:42am 27/05/2006
What is this community for? As the title says, "Non-Con is fun!" This is for any fan fic, original fiction, or art that deals with areas of "questionable consent" - be it rape, bondage, or torture.
Fic: More or Less: Orphues NOT Revisted III, Spike/Faith Ensemble 
02:03am 27/04/2006
  Link to this Chapter:
Title: More or Less- Orpheus Not Revisited Part 3

Author: Strange Bint

Email: Strangelilgrrl75@aol.com

Rating: M

Pairings: Spike/Faith, Willow/Kennedy, Wes/Fred

Summary: Faith knew her mind-walk with Spike would be different than her Orpheus mind-walk with Angel. She just didn't know how right she'd be. When The New Initiative and the old Watcher’s messed with Spike’s mind Faith went into help—literally.

This is Season 2 of My Faith, Spike, and Connor Centered Spin-off. Post "Chosen" and Alternative "Angel" Season Five. It's written so you can jump in and (mostly) understand. In this Chapter: some Willow/Kennedy & Wes/Fred, but mostly about Spike/Faith. There will be more Buffy, Willow/Kennedy and more Connor (and maybe Dawn??) soon.

Visited Themes:

("Orpheus," Angel Season 4, Faith, Redeemed Faith, Mind-Walks, Magic, Willow's struggle with Magic, Connor, Angel, Wes, Fred, Nikki Wood, Spike/Nikki Wood, 1970s punk Spike, Evil Spike, Crazy Spike, Redeemed Spike, "Lies My Parents Told Me" Spike's past, Season 7 Spike/Buffy)

Link to this Chapter:


Link to the beginning of the Season:


Link the beginning of Series:


Link to my Site:


Link to this Chapter:



Jody AKA Strange Bint
Fic: More or Less: Orpheus NOT Revisited Part II 
01:02am 05/03/2006
  Link to this part: http://slayerfanfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=16805&i=1

Title: More or Less: Orpheus Not Revisited—Part II

Author: Strange Bint

Feedback & Contact: Strangelilgrrl75@aol.com

Rating: M

Pairing: Spike/Faith, Dawn/Connor, Willow/Kennedy

Summary: Connor really hoped Faith’s mind-trip to save Spike would be safer than her mind-trip to save Angel. After The New Initiative and the old Watcher’s messed with Spike’s mind Faith goes into help—literally as she is doing this Connor goes looking for more about his identity and finds something he didn’t expect.

Post-Chosen. Alternate Reality “Angel” Season 5

Notes: *You can read this alone and it will catch you up and make sense.* However this is the second part of an episode of a very long Spike/Faith & Connor centered series which you can start it began all the way back with a fic called “Forget Me Not.”

The link to the very begining:


The link to the begining of this season:


Link to this part:


Jody AKA Strange Bint
Title: More or Less – Orpheus Not Revisited I 
08:48pm 04/02/2006
  Title: More or Less – Orpheus Not Revisited I

Link to this Chapter:

Author: Strange Bint

Rating: M

Pairing: Spike/Faith, Spike/Dru

Summary: After The New Initiative and the old Watcher’s messed with Spike’s mind Faith goes into help—literally. (Magic, Spike’s past, William, Post-Chosen, Alternate Reality Angel Season 5)

Notes: First part of an episode of a very long Spike/Faith & Connor centered series which you can start it began all the way back with a fic called “Forget Me Not”

You can start it here:


Or go all the way back to here:


Link to this Chapter:


Jody AKA Strange Bint
10:09pm 23/12/2005
  Title: Tap
Author: Amy/fortune-soldier
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Spike/Faith
Summary: Spike stumbles upon Faith one night in LA, Appearence from the Angel cast
Disclaimer: Joss owns all

Chapter 1 of more to come, the first chapter is short, but i give promises of longer ones

Click Click!Collapse )
Fic Update: Spaith 
12:44am 11/10/2005
  Hi everyone! Thanks for hanging in there. Hope everyone likes this chapter (and sends feed-back!)

Website: Strangebint.com

Title: More or Less 7-- Wish You Were Here

This Chapter: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2025615/10/

Last Chapter: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2025615/10/

Begining of Season: http://strangebint.com/mlchapters.html

Begining of Series: http://strangebint.com/forgetchapters.html
Author: Strange Bint

Chapter Sum: After Spike was experimented on by Maggie Walsh's daughter, Faith gave her blood to save him, but is he really saved or is there just more history repeating? Willow and Giles talk about whether they should repeat history and emotionally protect Buffy. Willow and Connor are forced to question their abilities once again.

Rating: R, Language, Some Violence

Actual Pairings/Characters Apearing: Spike/Faith, Willow/Kennedy, Angel, Connor, Wesley, Giles

Note: This is a post-"Chosen" and Alternate Reality Angel season 5 fic, where Buffy DID NOT DIE, but had to jump dimensions to defeat The First. Then Sunnydale rose back up with Spike and he stayed to guard the Hellmouth with Faith. Willow had to retract the Slayer sharing spell, from there much wackiness has ensued. This is primarily a Spike/Faith fic. There are slashy subtext moments in this chapter as well as het sexual tension and friendship bonding moments and huge character development for all. Things that are in this fic/chapter:

(Angel & Connor, Wes & Faith, Giles & Willow, Giles & Faith, Giles & Wes, Giles & Buffy, Faith & Kennedy, Faith & Connor, Angel & Spike, Spike & Connor, Spike's past, Angel's past, Robin Wood, magic, The Initiative, Angel & Faith)

This Chapter: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2025615/10/